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via FCP - United Kingdom
Unit 9 and unit 3 under the same postal code. I will post more (have done earlier but deleted) as I need to be sure.
Wednesday 28 February 2018, 21:25:23
NSAF Ltd run out of unit (3) (Group member of Heckler & Koch). P. O. Box 7151 Nottingham NG7 2TD
Great Britain. So no post ever goes to this building at NG7 2PX. It is picked up by NSAF Ltd at P.O. Box number NG7 2TD.

Nature of business (SIC)

25400 Manufacture of weapons and ammunition - Sale of small arms and defence related equipment.…

Scroll up on page on companycheck page.
Wednesday 28 February 2018, 23:31:00
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