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Seeking 20 others who wish to start a self sustaining [...]

Prince George, British Columbia
via Ubuntu - Canada - BC North
Seeking 20 others who wish to start a self sustaining ubuntu community off grid in a modern earth friendly way leading to living FREE, as an example for the public to see. After we have at least 20 people who can come up with 20k$ each, we can continue to bring in people for free. $20k each at first, for those like us who have the money, to purchase the property. Then after that we keep bringing in people, completely FREE and grow from there, united and free on the group owned land we all share together as a community. As an option, if there is someone who has land they can donate for this, it could be free from the start.
After our community is set up, our earth friendly courses, retreats, products etc would cut into the outside monetary system, potentially upsetting the paradigm and causing change. Not to mention inspiring so many to want to live life free and be sustainable like we will be in a beautiful united ubuntu community
Ubuntu is a perfect solution to replace the present monetary based system that leaves everyone slaves to jobs they don't necessarily want in most cases. We are very thankful to be in a country that has brought in a ubuntu mayor. We wish him success and support.
Michael Tellinger saw how corrupt it can be heading into politics. This did not stop him from living the UBUNTU mind set. He is doing what he can by trying to live sustainably and live in unity with others. In my area we have red tape similar to Michael and the public does not know enough about ubuntu to change the political parties from the mainstream. Even though Michael has walked back from the political arena he is united with everyone in UBUNTU while he is still living the UBUNTU lifestyle as best he can on their property in Africa. We should try to do the same...We all know as soon as UBUNTU system without money truly gets going everyone will love it, but until that time we do need to do what we can in every way to spread the message. Including living life as close to the ubuntu way as much as we can in however we can.
We are a family of 4 with two children and we have always appreciated the value of friendship and a tribe like community where we all help out as we can with our talents etc. We have friends with the same vision. We want to find 20 or so families to get together and go in together on a large piece of property to start with. Start by contributing money down so that the community could start by owning the land and start building reasonably priced aircrete bio domes etc right away. 20 thousand each is not a lot to become free and be a part of showing how this can work. After we have at 20 people together to purchaser the property, we can start adding more genuinely supportive ubuntu visionaries to the community for free. As we grow we grow, we enable one small extra way of bringing people off the control of money and into a modern ubuntu community within a political area, outside the monetary control.
For instance, we live in BC and land outside the municipality is reasonable and has no zoning bylaws. You could easily get going by contributing 20k each and start a Ubuntu community with 150acres etc. Work on building the homes, offer courses on building the homes as they are built so they are free, working on the land creating crafts, food, fish farms, honey etc that can bring income to the ubuntu community. This would lead to good income for the community as a whole. We could set up wind generated power as well as solar panels. This could place everyone involved in a stronger position stepping towards financial freedom if all income generated can go to paying for everything in the community. A
Michael Tellinger is presently building enviro Gaia type domes on land and offering the build as a course to others outside his community to learn how to build them. These types of things can generate free homes for a community and provide a method of showing how amazing working and living together in unity can be.
When you have a ubuntu type community set up and you offer retreats etc to outside the community, you can be a massive light to inspire change. It is also a tangible EXTRA method of stepping towards UBUNTU contributions without anyone being able to stop you politically.
We wish to point out that we have worked very hard in life to be financially stable where we presently are. We own a business and work very hard. However, we are willing to give up everything we have to share with those around us. We believe in the fact that if its not good for all of us, its not good for any of us. We see the abundance we can all have together within UBUNTU. We are a family that are willing place all our $ and talents towards starting this project. We hope to bring 20 people to start into this project together to attain the land. Then the vision is to enable it to be free for everyone after that point. We hope to start in southern BC Canada.
To start with, those who have funds and are interested in starting this project in southern BC leave us a message.
Remember, there are many ways to get to the same goal. We need to be supportive to everyone as ourselves. We are willing to walk away from a so called successful lifestyle, business and securities to invest everything we have into all of us together as a family ubuntu community.
I believe you are on the right track.
Very inspiring to see people like you and your family being ready for change.
Thank you to share your Vision.
Friday 16 February 2018, 04:26:16
Thanks for the nice message. We know how important this is and are trying to do whatever we can to step towards a world where we are all united and working together for equal share of this beautiful world. :)
We love what you guys are doing and I hope to come up and see all the amazing tings you have done. Keep it up.
Monday 19 February 2018, 00:19:18
Good going indeed!
Do write down, document all the steps you take in the process. You can perhaps make a good book out of it to gather more funds and to teach others how to do the same!
Tuesday 20 February 2018, 11:47:01
I would be interested in a southern BC location.
Monday 14 May 2018, 21:12:52
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