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we are all aware of the widening gap between wealthy [...]

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we are all aware of the widening gap between wealthy and deprived poor. I have been running a project from my previous home as a volunteer. The kind of work I am brought involves mostly decisions made from DWP, or the agency they brought in to conduct medical assessments upon individuals who have been deemed unfit to work. This agency is made up from trainee doctors and qualified nurses. Occasionally there will be a qualified GP conducting the examination, which is purely physical.
The majority of claimants who are being forced to travel 25 miles to Glasgow by train, and then forced to walk a distance that is far from reasonable if the individual is disabled. I will return to this point if space permits. The individual is usually in constant contact with his GP, who only after he has thoughroughly satisfied his professional integrity that his patient is suffering from an illness which the GP feels confident that the patient is unfit to be employed. Under his many years of study, and his years as a practicing GP is completely dismissed as being a qualified professional decision to issue a sick note. Any person with knowledge far worthy for making a decision for a patient falls upon the continual appointments he will see patients, sometimes over many decades he will have insights betond any person outside a mans immediate family. So why, then is a GPs qualified decision viewed as unworthy of carrying any credit by the contracted agency being paid by DWP. I have taken many appeals to full success without ever having being called before the board members to present even one of the cases I have put together fully intent on presenting my evidence to board members, including my own year long battle that was never put before a tribunal, as my case was without any denial that their decision was wrong. Despite all Scotts GPs being treated as committing fraud with every person given a sick note, the truth is that most individuals deemed unfit for work are suffering from a severe mental disability that the persons conducting the assessment on individuals, regardless if he's qualified as a GP, or is a trained medical nurse, the fact is these assessors have not a days mental health training. The GP is obliged to arrange for a mentally ill patient to attend an appointment with a mental health consultant who has qualifications higher than any DWP contractor with a bare minimum of any medical training to speak of. So as the decision of the highly specialized consultant is in full agreement with the decision of the individual's GP.
Where does this leave the decisions of GPs or consultants who have provided their decision in writing, therefore at every stage the evidence would be fully acessable to those who have to decision in almost all cases it has been to withdraw sickness benefits, or DLA support for people with disabilities. As far as who has the life story stretching decades, or in the situation of a qualified mental health specialist there is no competition with either we were off the record. She told me that the agency who won the contract was only a basic bidding process, however the real winning statement was to bring sickness claimants down to a level, within a time period that was satisfactory to Westminster DWP minister at the time. Upon hiring these contractors, there was never written into the contract, which has always remained with the head of that agency. Her concluding remark was to let me know if ever her real name was connected to the information she gave me, she would deny all knowledge of it.
My wish would be to bring about an enquiry either publically, or legally to discover how many decisions were made by unqualified personel without the credentials to over rule a GP, or a consultants professional diagnoses when such unworthy people holding no mental health training whatsoever. Why have we Scottish disabled be sent back to the dole que to be deemed to spend 35 hours every week seeking jobs existing only in the imagination of staff demanding books full of every move made to find work that has never existed since 1989 during Thacher's single handed destruction of every place of employment in Port Glasgow and Greenock as she pocketed the cash from selling shipbuilding land we now see as housing developments that hire from outwith Inverclyde. Now its evident why she crushed my generation's chance of gaining a trade, along with every unemployed generation of dole claimants, simply because there is not a single job offering a trade that can be carried all over the country.
it. My next aim is to enquire why the fifth richest country in the world, or thereabouts on paper, or as we saw our Eoyal Magesty being shamed as being a criminal non tax payer. She dodged the very taxation that bares her name. Why has there been one sole report on her lawbreaking, when it would certainly land you or I in prison for a number of years. Who makes the rules for the wealthy, and the very poor/?
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