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I'm sure most are bored with me posting Etymology stuff, [...]

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I'm sure most are bored with me posting Etymology stuff, sorry but it actually does interest me. Words are very important. TRUST ME. And by posting I learn myself. SIMPLES

time (n.)

Old English tima "limited space of time,"

And now turn it into (legalise) for obvious reason.

time (v.)

Old English getimian "to happen, befall," from time (n.). Meaning "to appoint a time" (of an action, etc.) is attested from c. 1300; sense of "to measure or record the time of" (a race, event, etc.) is first attested 1660s. Related: Timed; timing.


happen (v.)

late 14c., happenen, "to come to pass, occur, come about, be the case," literally "occur by hap, have the (good or bad) fortune (to do, be, etc.);"
case (n.1)

early 13c., "what befalls one; state of affairs," from Old French cas "an event, happening, situation, quarrel, trial,"

enclose (v.)

early 14c., from en- (1) + close (v.), and partially from Old French enclos, past participle of enclore "surround; confine; contain." Specific sense of "to fence in waste or common ground" for the purpose of cultivation or to give it to private owners is from c. 1500. Meaning "place a document with a letter for transmission" is from 1707. Related: Enclosed; enclosing.

Always follow your gut feeling especially with Etymology
Thursday 8 February 2018, 22:29:08
Keep posting not boring at all , The English language is a babel language .Once you know the true meaning of words and the deception they are meant for then you can use to your advantage just like Inpower Movement .
So no Philpots it is not boring at all .
Friday 9 February 2018, 05:13:09
Thanks westwynd
Friday 9 February 2018, 15:49:55
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