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Hi People, I am currently interested in the phenomena of aircraft [...]

Castleknock, County Dublin
via The Full Circle Project
Hi People,
I am currently interested in the phenomena of aircraft trails aka "chemtrails" and am conducting a year long project, which I commenced in October 2017, to document photographically any aircraft trails phenomena which I become aware of, in the skies over Dublin 15. I am capturing such images, as I observe them, at random times and on a daily basis. I take varying numbers of images per day following which I curate the most representative four, and save then to a custom archive. I will decide at the end of the project, or earlier if some need arises, how the archive can best used to promote the taking back of our atmosphere from what I, and it would appear many others believe, is a massive, world wide criminal profit and control driven enterprise.
Needless to say I have studied much material, of varying species, on this subject to date and for those who may be interested I have curated lots of information under the hashtag: #GeoChemFall on Twitter (My Twitter Account = @DisparatePost.
One excellent book on the subject which I am reading at present and would recommend is:
Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project by Peter. A.Kirby.
Peters book is well researched, and provides excellent insights into much of what he discovered is, and has been going on, relative to "chemtrails".
The battle to take back our atmosphere, is not one which any lone individual can fight, let alone win. However, a bit like the case of the lone bee, who when the hive is being attacked, can only sting once. Not a great defence. However, when the entire occupants of the hive come together well, we all know just how effective that can be.
Here is a link to Peter Kirby's book on Amazon -…
Will keep our community posted on the evolution of my (single bee) project.
Cheers all.
Miss Sara's Lost Arts
Jim Lee has a great website on all things geo engineering. He has youtube channel called climate viewer. He tracks EVERYTHING. GOOD LUCK!
Monday 5 February 2018, 03:02:42
Awake 18
Thank you for that. Yes I am aware of JIm Lee's site and his work. Lots of great citizen researchers and investigators out there doing trojan work and all mostly on a voluntary basis. The real challenge is to find a way to draw everything, which such investigations are throwing up together, into a cohesive mechanism, for effective push back on what, in my humble opinion, is by a long chalk has to be: the crime of our Holocene Epoch.
Monday 5 February 2018, 15:37:09
Hi Awake! Glad to have you along....I'd really appreciate your comments when you've taken a look at the InPower Movement's proposal to use the NoL (notice of liability) approach for ALL major issues causing harm (depopulation) ...currently they are using the NoL's for smart meters but soon vaccinations, weather modification, gmo's and a host of other nasties. Do you think it might be the 'effective comeback' to which you refer? Or what would you like to see? Thanks
Monday 5 February 2018, 17:26:45
Awake 18
Hi Lula,
Yes. I am aware of the "notice of liability" issue and methods, as being practiced in some localities at present. On the face of it, it seems to be having some useful effect if any of the presentations I have seen lately are anything to go by. I was alerted to the NOL method of push back, via one of Max Igan's presentations and immediately checked out the recommended site and indeed signed on as a subscriber The site of course is U.S. in origin, so how well it may dovetail into whats needed in Europe, I'm not too sure, but I am open minded on the issue.
Not sure whether you are based in Ireland or elsewhere? We have an issue here with so called "smart" water meters (RF emitting devices) installed in recent years not far below the surface of pavements. Such devices, constantly pulsing 24/7 to facilitate drive by reading, have to be a health hazard for pedestrian passers by and in particular for children. So, would be interesting to see how the NOL technique might possibly be deployed as a community push back against such devices.
My sense of it is, that a lot of community education would be required, in profile raising in relation to the NOL instrument. Anything, of a non violent nature, which empowers the greater community to push back against the intensifying tsunami of Technocracy and Corporatism would be most welcome indeed.
Tuesday 6 February 2018, 15:40:08
Thanks for these observations Frank. I agree its quite a learning process although it would be a good subject to get to grips with in a regional group..something beneficial on which to focus. It all still needs work, hence the Ground Crew and a lot of work behind the scenes at IPM- soon to be announced I understand. Also more tutorials to help the process, and adaption of the current NoL's for different countries and 'same-but-different' harms (eg there is a group in Holland developing the approach for 5G deployment), For sure it can be adapted for the water meters in Ireland. Are you aware of anyone else in your neighborhood who may have the same concerns? You could start doing some initial investigations.. and it serves for similar concerning chemtrails. Practice makes perfect I'm in Andalucia, Spain but am busy coordinating the FCP so interested to hear from everyone here on all issues. Hasta pronto!!
Tuesday 6 February 2018, 17:41:54
Awake 18
Hey Lula,
Thanks for that.
Yep I do believe that NOL's can play a really useful role in a pushback (any pushback against Corporate greed and oppression). So, we shall see.
Yes, I would say there are many thousands both in Dublin and throughout Ireland who would be delighted to have and effective legal instrument of pushback against domestic "smart" water meters. Like thousands of others I was part of the massive Right2Water movement which sprung up in Ireland when the establishment unilaterally started into a process of privatisation of our pub,kic good - water. We resisted massively and at many levels and in the end proved effective in a significant push back on the establishments greed plan for water. Partially scuttled it actually. However, more work to be done as those "smart" meters are still in the ground and we need to find a legal way of having them removed.
As far as the toxification of our atmosphere via "chemtrails" are concerned, indeed, I do believe that there could be a role for NOL's there too. A little more thinking would be required before a cohesive approach might be forthcoming but my thinking hat is very much on there.
Spain is a lovely country, with the loveliest of architecture and of course needless to say people. We need to treasure our nations and their natural environments and do all in out power both individually and collectively to protect our natural heritage.
Cheers Lula.
Tuesday 6 February 2018, 20:14:09
Good to hear this positive response Frank.. whatever strategies may appear from under your thinking hat, do share them either here (I work on the InPower team also) or directly with their Crew (you can specify the area you want to offer your skills). Cant wait to see the Irish get their hands on this one!
Wednesday 7 February 2018, 10:35:27
Awake 18
Rest assured whatever "strategies" I become aware of, or even dream up (fingers crossed), I will of course share. Sharing has to be a key stone in our global push back against the naked Technocratic Corporatism ruthlessly stalking our world today.
Wednesday 7 February 2018, 21:20:55
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