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How long must I search? [...]

Nanaimo, British Columbia
via Ubuntu Planet
Hello Malcom! Brother, the search NEVER ends. Not in this lifetime, not in many to come, not when you stop reincarnating on this planet! Searching, striving for higher and purer and kinder and more loving is an eternal pursuit!

If you feel like sharing in a group called SacredResistance, that is dedicated to try and find solutions for a less destructive mankind while creating an online family and spiritual sanctuary for each other then join us at… (it's a closed group so we can share freely but there's a public page where you can see many of the posts replicated at…).

Not everybody can join. We are not about endless growth. We want to have kind, wise and good souls in our group so we can become a kind of spiritual think tank that brings about ideas and a new story for mankind.

I looked at what you stand for and I would LOVE to have you in the group!

Warm greetings brother

p.s. NEVER stop searching! There is ALWAYS more!
Saturday 28 January 2017, 15:04:29
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