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Who all here trusts the government? Wherever you are in [...]

Richmond Heights, Missouri
via The Full Circle Project
Who all here trusts the government? Wherever you are in the world, do you trust the government of your nation?
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It Looks like the People here Don't Trust the Government. I don't Either Guys!
Thursday 2 February 2017, 14:48:49
South African here. Our government is laughable. Just see the opening of parliament address by our esteemed president.
Monday 20 February 2017, 07:39:48
Eyesopen Canada
I find is most amusing, I have taught my children to never trust anyone that says "trust me", public trustees are no different,. After education myself to a ridiculous degree in law, and finding the deception of "money", "foreclosure" , and "deemed employees", I'm overwhelmed that such a deception not only exists, but is prevalent.
Wednesday 22 February 2017, 21:06:54
I don't trust anyone with a mustache.
Saturday 25 February 2017, 05:17:37
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