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No deliveries! U.S. support of ISIS official! The U.S. has made [...]

Torrens Island, South Australia
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No deliveries! U.S. support of ISIS official!
The U.S. has made official requests to Greece to not allow Russia to use it's air support to supply aid and / or to transport any arms to combat ISIS in Syria. If you had any doubt about who's side America is on (possible for a turnip) this pretty much cinches it. Greece said no to the U.S. and yes to Russia, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
To sum it up in a sentence: The U.S. has said that Russia can provide food, but in no way provide anything that could ever unseat ISIS. I think Greece is not stupid, so air support to unseat ISIS continues.
And on that note: France is also going into Syria to "combat ISIS". However since France officialdom is the lying scum that produced Germanwings, Charlie Hebdo and a Moroccan wannabe shooter, my guess is that they will do all they can to prevent Russia from unseating ISIS while acting as a proxy for American/British/Israeli/Jewish interests. This could get interesting. Of all government power structures out there, I think it is safe to say France is in the top 5 most deceptive.
Its ridiculous isn't it! Its just shows once again the absolute arrogance & bullying tactics of the U.S Government!! It will be very interesting to see if Greece now gets any backlash from this decision to back Russia. U.S keeps poking the "R
ussian bear" …..
Tuesday 8 September 2015, 10:20:51
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