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Another chapter from my upcoming book What's to Stop an [...]

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Another chapter from my upcoming book What's to Stop an Atheist From Lying on the Witness Stand?:


"These predators prey on susceptible individuals who believe in their false altruism, affection and promises of protection. Gaslighters are most successful when they believably cast themselves as loyal and dutiful protectorates who are unconditionally invested in defending and caring for their beloved gaslit victims."

― Ross Rosenberg *

* Ross Rosenberg…

Finding its way into popular vernacular, gaslighting denotes a dogged effort to make a person, or people, feel as if they're insane.

The word gaslighting originates from Gas Light ― a 1938 play by Patrick Hamilton. In 1940, this stage show was adapted into a movie of similar title. A 1944 remake was also released, under the same moniker, starring Ingrid Bergman.

In the original flick, Diana Wynyard plays Bella Mallen ― a wealthy widow who remarries. Upon moving into a new home with her husband, Paul ― played by Anton Walbrook ― she struggles with what appears to be mental illness.

Ostensibly, she's forgetful, to the point her absence of memory adversely affects those around her. She's accused ― and seemingly proven ― of committing nefarious acts, in order to cover up what she believes is her failing mind. The dilemma escalates to the point her sole recourse may be permanent relocation to a mental institution.

Soon enough, though, the viewer is made privy to the fact Bella isn't going insane. Rather, her new husband is endeavoring to make her think she is.

A bigamist, a thief, and a murderer ― whose real name is Louis Bauer ― Paul is attempting to drive Bella into a mental asylum, so he can control her assets.

How does he convince his wife she's going mad?

Bauer secretly hides items personal to Bella, then commands her to retrieve these objects. Even though she knows where she's stored her personal effects, when she attempts to find them, they're nowhere in sight. As a result, she becomes distressed her mental faculties are failing.

Paul reinforces her misdiagnosis, adamantly feigning concern, and pretending he's doing everything within his power to cure his wife.

Bauer also feeds Bella misleading information, and accuses her of thievery, in hopes she'll lose her tenuous grip on lucidity.

Thus, the woman becomes depressed, certain she's losing her mind. **

** Gaslight…

Wikipedia defines gaslighting as:

"a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victims' belief." ***

*** Gaslighting…

This is a common tactic implemented by those lacking a conscience. Because empathy among the masses is shriveling like the ball sacks of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, the term gaslighting is now widely used. So many people find themselves in abusive relationships, they're familiar with what this word denotes.

Still, few comprehend we've all been gaslit. Every one of us is a victim of a monumental attempt to make the human race feel it's naturally barbaric, inadequate and insane. We see it every day, whether or not we comprehend it. In fact, we champion the charge of our gaslighting, without knowledge we're doing so.

How many times have you heard somebody proclaim: "Without government, humans are nothing more than uncivilized brutes who would destroy each other." It's plausible you've asserted such.

But how can that make sense? Aren't those claiming to be government humans, as well? Wouldn't that make them "uncivilized brutes," also?

"If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind?"

― Frederic Bastiat ****

**** Frederic Bastiat…

"Yeah, government is controlling, but we need their laws to keep us from looting, rioting, and killing each other."

How could we possibly know humans would destroy their own species, without bureaucracy? We can't recall a time when we existed sans a belief in this fictional ideology known as government. Since our initial thoughts, we've been indoctrinated to assume we're brutal and primitive; lost without the "guiding hand" of hegemony.

"[For gaslighting to be effective, one must first convince] the victim that his thinking is distorted and secondly [persuade] him that the victimizer's ideas are the correct and true ones."

― David Sasha *****

***** David Sasha…

Look at those who refer to themselves as government. They're obsessed with the attention provided by a public too stupid to realize congresspeople, presidents and senators are nothing more than the common populace. We've simply chosen to apotheosize this person, and not venerate that one.

"To say gaslighting was started by the Bushes, Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Fox News, or any other extant group is not simply wrong, it also misses an important point. Gaslighting comes directly from blending modern communications, marketing, and advertising techniques with long-standing methods of propaganda. They were simply waiting to be discovered by those with sufficient ambition and psychological makeup to use them."

― Bryant Welch ******

****** Bryant Welch


Narcissists and sociopaths are renowned for their ability to lie without compunction. Politicians perpetually lie. Who isn't aware of this fact? That's why politicians are referred to synonymously as corrupt.

A promise made on the campaign trail ― unless it's, "I promise to fuck you, and leave you for dead." ― is never kept, once these cum guzzlers slime their way into office.

Moreover, narcissists and sociopaths are known for breaking anthropogenic laws. Politicians constantly violate the decrees they make, since they're certain these threats ― which is all man-made laws are ― only apply to the populace.

"Murder is a crime. [Now, I'm gonna order a war! A war, in which millions will be murdered.]"

"Thievery is malfeasance. [Now, I'm gonna tax you, which means I'll force you to give me money, just like any other thief.]"

"It's a felony to counterfeit, [but we've got the money machine, and we print up as much cash as we want, whenever we want. Thus, we're counterfeiters, but when we do it, we refer to it as creating currency. When you do it, we throw you in prison for the same thing we do all the time.]

Victims of gaslighting doubt themselves; feeling they're to blame, and thus the problem. When your skull is stuck in a propaganda promoter ― called TV ― and you're spoon-fed lies ― you're apt to proclaim: "Another school shooting?! People are bloodthirsty and evil!"

Folks this clueless come to the fallacious conclusion humans are naturally bad, and need government, in order to keep them from destroying themselves. These credulous creatures are classic victims of gaslighting. They're so delusional, from all the lies with which they've been pumped full, they honestly believe they themselves can't be trusted.

Gaslighters hunger to make the victim reliant upon the abuser. Those acting under the fiction of government not only want you dependent, they need your reliance. If the public decides they no longer require hegemony, bureaucracy disappears ― since it's only an ideology, anyway. In such a scenario, folks become independent ― which they've always been ― thus confident, and self-sustaining.

As a result, those within government are no longer be able to exist lavishly. This is something these fuck holes desperately endeavor to avoid.

Those you elect as "leaders" aren't good people. They're the worst criminals against our species, and the biggest jizz drinkers you could envision. Because our society has been turned ass-backwards, we allow the ultimate douche bags to control us.

But in a civilization that's irrational, would you expect those calling the shots to be logical? Of course not. That would make no sense.

Only in an insane paradigm would you find insane "leaders." In a sane paradigm, people are confident enough to lead themselves. Solely when you do so, can you be autonomous, and thus, free.

Let's establish some of the hallmarks of gaslighting, and see if government is engaging in such.

1) Gaslighters withhold information from those they're abusing.

From what they're creating at Area 51, to flying live nukes over our heads for decades, you have no fucking idea what those within bureaucracy are doing. You just allow yourself to suffer the consequences of their decrees. Due to the Manhattan Project ― which was kept secret from the public ― we're now all drowning in radioactive fallout.

2) Manipulating data to support the cause of the perpetrator.

If you and I forced people to pay us, under penalty of violently kidnapping someone ― which is what imprisoning is ― that would be extortion. When government performs this very same act, they refer to it as "taxes."

3) Marginalizing facts.

If you prove something those within government don't want the public aware of, thanks to CIA memo 1035-960, you're labelled a "conspiracy theorist." Thus, if the populace is ignorant, facts are speciously believed to be fiction, and vice versa. *******

******* 1035-960…

This is a type of epistemic injustice known as testimonial injustice. You implement testimonial injustice by ignoring facts a person is providing, because that person is part of a group deemed unsatisfactory.

4) Creating a sleight of hand, to redirect a victim's attention.

While Fukushima is submersing us in radioactive fallout, all you hear about on mainstream news is what some guy named Trump tweeted. Cancer victims are bombarded with radiation "treatments" ― which gives them cancer ― but it's okay, because you've got a robot named Alexa probing your anus. Doctors drug the populace ― under the auspices of government ― with narcotics as lethal as heroin, and far more addictive. Yet, because Oprah has something shiny to show you on TV, all's fuckin' well!

5) Perpetually reinforcing the "incompetent" nature of the abused.

"Unless you get an A+ in school ― [and excel at remembering the brainwashing we're sodomizing you with] ― you're a failure."

"If you don't become a doctor or a lawyer ― [selling your soul to be a superlative debt slave] ― you aren't successful."

"If you fail to 'own' a home ― [and subject yourself to a lifetime of servitude, disguised as a mortgage] ― you're a dissapointment."

The three most prevalent modalities of gaslighting are:

1) Hiding:

Perpetrators withhold things from those they abuse. Government suppresses information from us constantly. If you don't believe such, just take a look at the trillions of dollars spent on black ops. º

º Pentagon Fails Audit; $21 Trillion Unaccounted For…

2) Changing:

The gaslighter finds it necessary to alter aspects of those they're violating. This is often attributable to a fantasy the sick fuck abuser harbors.

Soldiers are forced to not only dress a certain way, but dress alike. Why do think it's called a uniform?

"You've gotta wear a suit, a tie, and slacks, or you won't be hired ― [I mean, enslaved.]"

3) Control:

Gaslighters often separate their victims from other influences, in order to more acutely dominate the thoughts of the violated.

Even though we're one species, we're told we're segregated into "countries." Hence, "leaders" of each "nation" have ample access to controlling their respective populations.

Known as Zersetzung, it was psychological combat employed by the Stasi ― the secret police of East Germany ― against anyone deemed insurgent. Gaslighting was an integral tactic of Zersetzung. ºº

ºº Zersetzung…

Inmates imprisoned in Berlin-Hohenschonhausen ― where this modality was practiced ― were kept in cells with opaque windows. Architects of this strategy would purposefully stage parties adjacent these rooms. Thus, captives could hear people playing on the other side of the glass, but couldn't see such for themselves. Hence, the constant reminder of what they were missing was drilled into the inmate's brain.

Without warning, an esoteric man visits incarcerates, informing them he's been reviewing their case, and believes they've been wrongfully accused. The man promises the prisoners they'll be released the next day. As such, the detainees excitedly await the return of their savior, and thus their release.

Days become weeks; and weeks, months, as the recondite figure fails to return, and the convicted's mind spirals out of control.

Inmates were often paired together in cells, with one being an informant, unbeknown to the other.

Zersetzung ― German for "decomposition" ― was created to destroy the victim's core beliefs. The prey loses grip on any cerebral anchor, thus becoming incapable of dissidence against the state. In addition, minds may end up so fragmented, they become susceptible to bureaucratic brainwashing. ºº

ºº The Decomposition of the Soul…

Simply by informing us there is government, those within it are tacitly proclaiming: "You humans are mentally ill, to the point you can't govern yourselves."

Such is a lie! Again, those professing to be bureaucracy are human also. Hence, what makes them any more fit to run things than the rest of us?

By enacting "law" upon "law," politicians implicitly state: "There's a problem with the populace, and we know how to fix it."

This is horse shit! As previously proven in my other works, it's only when government intervenes that people begin battling with one another.

You're perfectly fine traveling to another "country," and interacting with its population in peace. Solely when you return home, and government declares war on the same folk with whom you just partied, do you feel pugnacity toward them.

"I went to 'Russia,' drank a shitload of vodka with the locals, and can't wait to go back. Too bad [some fuckin' commoner named] Trump just declared Russia the enemy, and stated we might go to war with 'em."

What the hell―?! You can't see the lunacy in that irrationality?!?

Fuck whatever this Trump thing is! Go back to "Russia," and party with the people there. If this Trump organism wants to fight whatever a Putin is, let 'em kill each other, while the rest of us live in peace. If those two entities are so malicious, our species would be better off without 'em.

— Hugh Mungus
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