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A chapter from my imminent blog Soma Coma: THE BLIND MEN [...]

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A chapter from my imminent blog Soma Coma:


"Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think."

― Werner Heisenberg *

* Werner Heisenberg…

Six blind men ― who had never heard of, nor experienced elephants ― are placed in the presence of a pachyderm, and asked to describe it. Obviously, much of perception for these dudes is based upon touch.

Hence, the first man grasps the elephant's trunk, determining the animal is long and cylindrical in shape.

The second runs his hand along the immense creature's ear, deducing these mammals are similar to giant fans.

The third comes in contact with the beast's leg, concluding these vertebrates are substantial pillars, similar to tree trunks.

When the fourth man slides his hand across the beast's belly, he surmises the brute is akin to a wall.

Gripping the elephant's tail, the fifth man equates the animal to a rope.

The sixth, and final, man feels the creature's tusk, and comes to the conclusion elephants are similar to spears ― long, polished-smooth and hard.

The point of this parable ― which originates from Buddhist, Hindu and Jain texts ― is that everyone experiences things differently. Although we're subject to the same environment, we interpret it individually. **

** Blind men and an elephant…

When reduced to fundamentals, nobody actually experiences anything. Our sensory receptors ― ears, eyes, fingers, mouths, etc. ― collect data from the environment. We spend our time deciphering what this information means.

Such stated, although our perception of things differs, reality remains the same. We may perceive truth a variety of ways, but that truth appears to be a constant.

Once we erroneously believe each person has his or her own reality, you've got seven billion versions of such on the planet. That opens an ingress to duplicity. You can prove to people the U.S. government has nuked its own populace on over 1,000 occasions, to which they can refute, "Well, that's your interpretation of things."

No, a nuclear detonation is a nuclear detonation. And when you've perpetrated such on someone else, you've nuked them.

In addition, I can provide you with a list of each and every atomic and thermonuclear "test" the government conducted upon you. In conjunction, I can bestow photographic proof of those "trials," as well as filmed evidence, witness and written testimony.

Again, truth is truth. It's constant. A person's perception of truth, on the other hand, will vary.

"What we observe is not nature in itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning."

― Werner Heisenberg ***

*** Werner Heisenberg…

Moreover, the ideology of consensus gentium ― otherwise known as argumentum ad populum ― is bullshit. Consensus gentium is the spurious idea that if enough people believe in something, it becomes truth; it becomes reality.

This theory can be refuted via multitudinous, ubiquitous examples:

Almost everybody on Earth believes in "America." Again, though, you can fly above the planet in a commercial jet, look down, not see any borders, and thereby prove the damned thing doesn't exist. Just because a fuckload of indoctrinated idiots believed it was there, didn't make it "magically" appear.

Most of the moronic masses are religiously certain money is exceptionally valuable. That said, when you're stranded ― with no communication to the rest of your species ― perishing of thirst, you still can't drink that duffel bag on your back filled with 50 dollar bills. It doesn't matter how many folks ardently assert cash has value. Their belief in such obviously doesn't make it so.

Even though at least 2.2 billion brainwashed boneheads believe Jesus Christ existed, this doesn't change the fact there is zero historical evidence to substantiate such. Solely because a group of greasy gonads are scared shitless about not havin' a fun place to go after they're exterminated, doesn't make the mascot of that asinine amusement park any more real.

Get it?

Look around. The effects of a belief in consensus gentium smother you. Everywhere you gaze, folks gaggin' down the most ludicrous horse shit, simply because the douche bag next to them thinks it's so.

Because the guy beside him assumes the same, their ignorant parents supposed such, and the giant-headed assholes on TV wrapped this shit package in a pretty, little box, it's just gotta' be fuckin' real!

"Shut him up! We have a lot invested in this ride! Shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry! Look at my big bank account, and my family. This just has to be real."

― Bill Hicks ****

**** Bill Hicks…

What's more, it's never defined how many people are necessary for consensus gentium to be valid.

If a population consists of one million, how many of those have to believe in something, before it becomes real?

If you've a group of 10, how many of those need to conclude something is truth, before it becomes such?

Are we talkin' a percentage here, or a set-in-stone figure? If you've asserted the latter, than the answer needs to be 10 or fewer, in response to a pair of populations ― one 10 in number, the other one million. So, 10 out of a million?

And what if Earth is literally a mental institution of this cosmos ― which seems more likely every day ― and everybody on the planet is insane? Most within our society just assume our populace is rational; the basic bricks upon which we're built, logical. Thus, the preponderance of people simply believe ― without questioning ― the path were taking is judicious.

But what if they're wrong? What if we're literally lunatics? What if a handful of us have rewritten our hard drives, and hence, gone sane? And what if that minute portion exhibiting logic are screaming at the other asylum inmates to awaken to reality?

If all those who are crazy continue believing in things that aren't real, will it still make those things so? Will that somehow override the immutable facts the scant minority is showing everyone else?

If you absurdly believe so, renew your subscription to O magazine, and continue deep-throating Ellen's flaccid, hair-entangled mule cock!

When it comes to gathering information, and interpreting such, humans are extremely limited in their abilities. How can they not be?

They aren't even seasoning in an unfathomable cosmogonic soup. They reside on a grain of salt ― Earth ― within a vat of goupy goulash ― this Universe. They've barely been off that infinitesimal island. How could they comprehend anything, except that within their limited scope?

Moreover, with the distinct probability of alternate dimensions ― which we've yet to understand, much less see ― our receptors appear inadequate.

I'd rather have questions I can't answer, than answers I can't question.

In a paradigm in which we're imprisoned, understanding what everything is about becomes remarkably difficult. Mired in menticide, drowning in the drudgery of 9-to-5, sandblasted with subterfuge, we're left to struggle, in order to comprehend.

Just an author's interjection here, in hopes of elucidating what a sick society we've become. We all require genitals, in order to manifest into our corporeal forms. Without a pair of balls, a cunt and a dick, I wouldn't be viewable in this flesh suit, and neither would anybody else on what folks are callin' Earth.

Even so, we've been brainwashed to believe our genitalia are taboo ― the stuff of demonic thoughts. I drove past a massive billboard the other day, which read: "Lust Kills. Jesus Saves."

Any person having reached the age of understanding mom and dad had to fuck, in order for them to be around, can shred that sign to subatomic particles. If the parents of those who produced that billboard didn't feel lust, the creators of that sign wouldn't have existed in flesh form, and that admonishment wouldn't have been created.

So, back to the six blind men and the elephant. How come none of these "sight-impaired" dudes reached up and grabbed those massive huevos the pachyderm was sportin' ― given the beast was male, of course? Why didn't any of these characters double-fist elephant cock?

Because we exist in a fake society ― an illusion ― where we need the truth to not only be watered down, but washed away. After all, if you water something down long enough, it dissipates, until it appears to be gone, doesn't it? In reality, it still exists; it's simply dispersed into separate particles.

"Six blind elephants were discussing what men were like. After arguing, they decided to find one, and determine [such, based upon] direct experience. The first blind elephant felt the man and declared, 'Men are flat.' After the other blind elephants felt the man, they agreed." *****

***** Blind men and an elephant…

— Hugh Mungus
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